The House Brews

The House Brews

(By the way, we weren't drinking anything when this was written. -- Theo & Kevin.)

Burnt Rat Ginger Beer

Theo burnt instead of boiled the fermentables but extra carbon aside, this batch turned out pretty good. Then Theo went on various trips: five weeks to Mexico, two weeks to Singapore, then 2 weeks covering most of the western USA. When he returned ... the beer had become HEROIC. Here's what the critics are saying:

Boiled Rat Ginger Beer

Theo did this one up right but a nasty cold snap hit so we had to this one in the bathroom where it was usually warm. Nothing like a little Boiled Rat in the morning I say.

Mr. Clean Cider

This batch turned out to be mostly undrinkable but its utility as a general house-hold disinfectant was first rate. It also was pretty good as a bicycle chain de-greaser.

Band-aid (TM) Sherry

Theo admits that he messed up. This sat downstairs till it became poison. We were not able to drink it, nor have we reached any deals with phramaceutical companies. (Eventually we tossed it, and the drains improved).